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Our events are frequently supported by ARCTURUS EXPEDITIONS

Contact Fiona Brijnath, the Director of Devon-based Arcturus Expeditions, to discuss the wide range polar adventures on offer.
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"QUEST 100" Friday 24 September 2021

Please Click here to download the full Quest 100 programme.

On the 24 September one of our speakers will be explorer Paul Hart.
Paul Hart and his team of 7 are preparing for a new Antarctic expedition in the Austral summer 21/22. Antarctic Quest 21 is dedicated to furthering climate and pollution science and recognises that today's progress is founded on the first observations taken on the Antarctic continent during the age of heroic explorers. Befitting for the centenary year of Sir Ernest Shackleton's death on his ship Quest, the team will mark his memory and achievements with a ceremony on the ice.

You can follow the expedition, historic background and science of Antarctic Quest 21 through its website: www.antarcticquest21.com/index.html

and blog:


Please also consider a donation for its educational legacy through the crowdfunding page:


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